Antigua Island Experience Tour in St. John's

Antigua Island Experience Tour in St. John's

The Antigua Island Experience Tour in St. John's is the perfect way to discover the island like no one else. You will see first-hand why it is considered one of the most popular tours.

It begins in the city of St. John's and swings by country villages like Freeman's Village, All Saints, Liberta and stops at some of Antigua's most highly-rated heritage sites.

You have the option to complete this tour with or without a beach excursion.

There will be plenty of sights to see, so don't forget your camera!

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6.5 hours


9:00 am daily

48 hours minimum advance booking required. Tour includes St. John's hotel pick up. Rates are per person in US Dollars. Please order online or call to order or for more information.


Your tour begins in the city of St. John’s and swings by country villages on the way to an area rich in history and breathtaking views. The Nelson’s Dockyard National Park stops will include an uphill drive to the Blockhouse ruins where you can pause to take in the commanding view of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding coastline.

Continuing further up, you’ll enjoy exploring the ruins of Shirley Heights, and the stunning views of English Harbour, Nelson’s Dockyard and Falmouth Harbour.

Then it’s down to the historical Nelson’s Dockyard National Park. The ambiance is wonderful, the buildings are beautifully restored, and with both the allure of history and a bustling marine life, there is much to explore and discover.

From the Park, the tour swings through the winding, forest-flanked roads of Fig Tree Drive en route to Turners Beach Bar & Restaurant, one of the finest white sandy beaches. Here, you can frolic to your heart’s content in the beautiful blue waters.


English Harbour is a singular bit of history, a highlight of the fifteen (15) square miles that make up the Nelson's Dockyard National Park in Antigua. This harbour served as the British Naval Base of the Leeward Islands in the late 18th century. The facility was closed in 1889 and abandoned in the 19th century. Today, it has been completed restored and is now the only working Georgian dockyard in the region.

Shirley Heights is worth the drive just for the amazing view of English Harbour below and its environs; a view made even more magical at sunset. Part of the Nelson's Dockyard National Park, Shirley Heights is a large military complex of extensive ruins spread out over the hills on the east coast of English Harbour. Given Antigua's value as a sugar producer, defense was emphasized. The function of Shirley Heights, therefore, was to protect the naval yard, as well as to serve as a holding area for military units destined for the British colonies in the Leewards Islands. At an elevation of about five hundred feet above sea level, the mentioned view is one of the area's star attractions; no surprise then that it is also one of the most photographed spots in the Caribbean. On Sunday afternoons, the view comes with the appetizing aroma of barbecue, the intoxicating influence of rum punch, the harmonious hum of steelband music and, later still, the enticing energy of live soca.

Nelson's Dockyard, named for famed British admiral, Horatio Nelson, is considered to be one of Antigua's most prized historic possessions. It is not only a great monument to the past but is now a lively focus of activity. In the Dockyard are all the facilities that make it a year-round home for yachts and the floating palaces of the famous.

Fig Tree Drive is the most scenic drive throughout the island, winding through the Shekerley Mountains, reputed to be the refuge of runaway slaves. "Fig" is the local word for bananas in Antigua, and it is from this crop that the area derives its name. This area is in the Southern part of the country, where the Wallings Reservoir and Boggy Peak, the island's highest point, are also located.


  • Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing and sensible shoes appropriate for walking
  • Tour Guides are not responsible for anyone who is late and has missed the bus at the scheduled start of the trip


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  • Entrance fee to Nelson's Dockyard National Park

48 hours minimum advance booking required. Tour includes St. John's hotel pick up. Rates are per person in US Dollars. Please order online or call to order or for more information.

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